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This wiki sets out some resources for the game, including maps and gear stats. If you had any questions about the game or need specific tips, please post on the forum at or post a comment on my speedrun video at and I would be happy to try and help.

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Dungeon X Dungeon is a 2D ARPG / platformer on Android / iOS released by Playone in 2018. The game is free to download on both platforms. To obtain crystals (the game's currency) from chests an advert must be watched, and there are advert 'traps' scattered on each map, but these can normally be jumped over or avoided. It is accordingly possible to complete the game without making any real money purchases. However, it is also possible to purchase 'remove ads'. Resurrection stones can also be purchased with real money, or alternatively an advert can be watched for a free resurrection.

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The game is set in the mythical land of Arcadia.

After a severe earthquake which shook the land terribly, a previously hidden entrance to a dungeon was revealed. The ruler of Arcadia, Amon, named it the ‘Karonon Dungeon’ and sent a team of elite knights to investigate. The team never returned, nor did two further search parties.

Officially, Karonon Dungeon was closed, but in secret Amon went to speak with the best treasure hunter in Arcadia, Luke (the player character), who was at that time imprisoned on allegations of grave robbery. Amon told Luke that if he could find the 5 crystals buried in Karonon Dungeon, then he would be freed from prison and from the charges.

The game begins as Luke enters Karonon Dungeon. Retrieving the crystals proves no great problem, but Luke quickly discovers that an evil plot is afoot which he must use all his existing skills (and many new ones he learns along the way) to overcome.

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